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Aegwynn-DE-Alliance Aegwynn-DE-Horde Aerie Peak-GB-Alliance
Aerie Peak-GB-Horde Agamaggan-GB-Alliance Agamaggan-GB-Horde
Aggra-GB-Alliance Aggra-GB-Horde Aggramar-GB-Alliance
Aggramar-GB-Horde Alexstrasza-DE-Alliance Alexstrasza-DE-Horde
Alleria-DE-Alliance Alleria-DE-Horde Alonsus-GB-Alliance
Alonsus-GB-Horde Ambossar-DE-Alliance Ambossar-DE-Horde
Anachronos-GB-Alliance Anachronos-GB-Horde Anetheron-DE-Alliance
Anetheron-DE-Horde Antonidas-DE-Alliance Antonidas-DE-Horde
Anvilmar-DE-Alliance Anvilmar-DE-Horde Arak arahm-FR-Alliance
Arak arahm-FR-Horde Arathi-FR-Alliance Arathi-FR-Horde
Arathor-GB-Alliance Arathor-GB-Horde Archimonde-FR-Alliance
Archimonde-FR-Horde Area 52-DE-Alliance Area 52-DE-Horde
Argent Dawn-GB-Alliance Argent Dawn-GB-Horde Arthas-DE-Alliance
Arthas-DE-Horde Arygos-DE-Alliance Arygos-DE-Horde
Aszune-GB-Alliance Aszune-GB-Horde Auchindoun-GB-Alliance
Auchindoun-GB-Horde Azjol-Nerub-GB-Alliance Azjol-Nerub-GB-Horde
Azshara-DE-Alliance Azshara-DE-Horde Azuremyst-GB-Alliance

Baelgun-DE-Alliance Baelgun-DE-Horde Balnazzar-GB-Alliance
Balnazzar-GB-Horde Blackhand-DE-Alliance Blackhand-DE-Horde
Blackmoore-DE-Alliance Blackmoore-DE-Horde Blackrock-DE-Alliance
Blackrock-DE-Horde Bladefist-GB-Alliance Bladefist-GB-Horde
Bloodfeather-GB-Alliance Bloodfeather-GB-Horde Bloodhoof-GB-Alliance
Bloodhoof-GB-Horde Bloodscalp-GB-Alliance Bloodscalp-GB-Horde
Blutkessel-DE-Alliance Blutkessel-DE-Horde Boulderfist-GB-Alliance
Boulderfist-GB-Horde Bronze Dragonflight-GB-Alliance Bronze Dragonflight-GB-Horde
Bronzebeard-GB-Alliance Bronzebeard-GB-Horde Burning Legion-GB-Alliance
Burning Legion-GB-Horde Burning Steppes-GB-Alliance Burning Steppes-GB-Horde
BurningBlade-GB-Alliance BurningBlade-GB-Horde

Chamber of Aspects-GB-Alliance Chamber of Aspects-GB-Horde Chants eternels-FR-Alliance
Chants eternels-FR-Horde Chromaggus-GB-Alliance Chromaggus-GB-Horde
Colinas Pardas-SP-Alliance Colinas Pardas-SP-Horde Confrerie du Thorium-FR-Alliance
Confrerie du Thorium-FR-Horde Conseil des ombres-FR-Alliance Conseil des ombres-FR-Horde
Crushridge-GB-Alliance Crushridge-GB-Horde Culet DeLa Rive Noire-FR-Alliance
Culet DeLa Rive Noire-FR-Horde

Daggerspine-GB-Alliance Daggerspine-GB-Horde Dalaran-FR-Alliance
Dalaran-FR-Horde Dalvengyr-DE-Alliance Dalvengyr-DE-Horde
Darkmoon Faire-GB-Alliance Darkmoon Faire-GB-Horde Darksorrow-GB-Alliance
Darksorrow-GB-Horde Darkspear-GB-Alliance Darkspear-GB-Horde
Das Konsortium-DE-Alliance Das Konsortium-DE-Horde Das Syndikat-DE-Alliance
Das Syndikat-DE-Horde Deathwing-GB-Alliance Deathwing-GB-Horde
Defias Brotherhood-GB-Alliance Defias Brotherhood-GB-Horde Dentarg-GB-Alliance
Dentarg-GB-Horde Der abyssische Rat-DE-Alliance Der abyssische Rat-DE-Horde
Der Mithrilorden-DE-Alliance Der Mithrilorden-DE-Horde Der Rat von Dalaran-DE-Alliance
Der Rat von Dalaran-DE-Horde Destromath-DE-Alliance Destromath-DE-Horde
Dethecus-DE-Alliance Dethecus-DE-Horde Die Aldor-DE-Alliance
Die Aldor-DE-Horde Die Arguswacht-DE-Alliance Die Arguswacht-DE-Horde
Die ewige Wacht-DE-Alliance Die ewige Wacht-DE-Horde Die Nachtwache-DE-Alliance
Die Nachtwache-DE-Horde Die Silberne Hand-DE-Alliance Die Silberne Hand-DE-Horde
Die Todeskrallen-DE-Alliance Die Todeskrallen-DE-Horde Doomhammer-GB-Alliance
Doomhammer-GB-Horde Draenor-GB-Alliance Draenor-GB-Horde
Dragonblight-GB-Alliance Dragonblight-GB-Horde Dragonmaw-GB-Alliance
Dragonmaw-GB-Horde Dun Modr-SP-Alliance Dun Modr-SP-Horde
Dun Morogh-DE-Alliance Dun Morogh-DE-Horde Dunemaul-GB-Alliance
Dunemaul-GB-Horde Durotan-GB-Alliance Durotan-GB-Horde

Earthen Ring-GB-Alliance Earthen Ring-GB-Horde Echsenkessel-DE-Alliance
Echsenkessel-DE-Horde Eitrigg-FR-Alliance Eitrigg-FR-Horde
Elune-FR-Alliance Elune-FR-Horde Emerald Dream-GB-Alliance
Emerald Dream-GB-Horde Emeriss-GB-Alliance Emeriss-GB-Horde
Eonar-GB-Alliance Eonar-GB-Horde Eredar-DE-Alliance
Eredar-DE-Horde Executus-GB-Alliance Executus-GB-Horde
Exodar-SP-Alliance Exodar-SP-Horde

Festung der Sturme-DE-Alliance Festung der Sturme-DE-Horde Forscherliga-DE-Alliance
Forscherliga-DE-Horde Frostmane-GB-Alliance Frostmane-GB-Horde
Frostmourne-DE-Alliance Frostmourne-DE-Horde Frostwhisper-GB-Alliance
Frostwhisper-GB-Horde Frostwolf-DE-Alliance Frostwolf-DE-Horde

Garona-FR-Alliance Garona-FR-Horde Garrosh-DE-Alliance
Garrosh-DE-Horde Genjuros-GB-Alliance Genjuros-GB-Horde
Ghostlands-GB-Alliance Ghostlands-GB-Horde Gilneas-DE-Alliance
Gilneas-DE-Horde Gorgonnash-DE-Alliance Gorgonnash-DE-Horde
Grim Batol-GB-Alliance Grim Batol-GB-Horde

Hakkar-GB-Alliance Hakkar-GB-Horde Haomarush-GB-Alliance
Haomarush-GB-Horde Hellfire-GB-Alliance Hellfire-GB-Horde
Hellscream-GB-Alliance Hellscream-GB-Horde Hyjal-FR-Alliance

Illidan-FR-Alliance Illidan-FR-Horde

Jaedenar-GB-Alliance Jaedenar-GB-Horde

Karazhan-GB-Alliance Karazhan-GB-Horde Kargath-DE-Alliance
Kargath-DE-Horde Kazzak-GB-Alliance Kazzak-GB-Horde
Khadgar-GB-Alliance Khadgar-GB-Horde Khaz Modan-FR-Alliance
Khaz Modan-FR-Horde Kilrogg-GB-Alliance Kilrogg-GB-Horde
Kirin Tor-FR-Alliance Kirin Tor-FR-Horde Krasus-FR-Alliance
Krasus-FR-Horde Kul Tiras-GB-Alliance Kul Tiras-GB-Horde
Kult der verdammten-DE-Alliance Kult der verdammten-DE-Horde

La Croisade ecarlate-FR-Alliance La Croisade ecarlate-FR-Horde Laughing Skull-GB-Alliance
Laughing Skull-GB-Horde Les Clairvoyants-FR-Alliance Les Clairvoyants-FR-Horde
Les Sentinelles-FR-Alliance Les Sentinelles-FR-Horde Lightbringer-GB-Alliance
Lightbringer-GB-Horde Lordaeron-DE-Alliance Lordaeron-DE-Horde
Los Errantes-SP-Alliance Los Errantes-SP-Horde Lothar-DE-Alliance

Madmortem-DE-Alliance Madmortem-DE-Horde Magtheridon-GB-Alliance
Magtheridon-GB-Horde Malfurion-DE-Alliance Malfurion-DE-Horde
Malorne-DE-Alliance Malorne-DE-Horde Malygos-DE-Alliance
Malygos-DE-Horde Mannoroth-DE-Alliance Mannoroth-DE-Horde
Marecage de Zangar-FR-Alliance Marecage de Zangar-FR-Horde Mazrigos-GB-Alliance
Mazrigos-GB-Horde Medivh-FR-Alliance Medivh-FR-Horde
Minahonda-SP-Alliance Minahonda-SP-Horde Molten Core-GB-Alliance
Molten Core-GB-Horde Moonglade-GB-Alliance Moonglade-GB-Horde

Nagrand-GB-Alliance Nagrand-GB-Horde Nathrezim-DE-Alliance
Nathrezim-DE-Horde Naxxramas-FR-Alliance Naxxramas-FR-Horde
Nazjatar-DE-Alliance Nazjatar-DE-Horde Nefarian-DE-Alliance
Nefarian-DE-Horde Nemesis-IT-Alliance Nemesis-IT-Horde
Neptulon-GB-Alliance Neptulon-GB-Horde Nethersturm-DE-Alliance
Nethersturm-DE-Horde Nordrassil-GB-Alliance Nordrassil-GB-Horde
Norgannon-DE-Alliance Norgannon-DE-Horde Nozdormu-DE-Alliance

Onyxia-DE-Alliance Onyxia-DE-Horde Outland-GB-Alliance

Perenolde-DE-Alliance Perenolde-DE-Horde Pierre Farines-IT-Alliance
Pierre Farines-IT-Horde Proudmoore-DE-Alliance Proudmoore-DE-Horde

Ragnaros-GB-Alliance Ragnaros-GB-Horde Rajaxx-DE-Alliance
Rajaxx-DE-Horde Rashgarroth-FR-Alliance Rashgarroth-FR-Horde
Ravencrest-GB-Alliance Ravencrest-GB-Horde Ravenholdt-GB-Alliance
Ravenholdt-GB-Horde Rexxar-DE-Alliance Rexxar-DE-Horde
Runetotem-GB-Alliance Runetotem-GB-Horde

Sanguino-SP-Alliance Sanguino-SP-Horde Sargeras-FR-Alliance
Sargeras-FR-Horde Saurfang-FR-Alliance Saurfang-FR-Horde
Scarshield Legion-GB-Alliance Scarshield Legion-GB-Horde Shadow Moon-GB-Alliance
Shadow Moon-GB-Horde Shadowsong-GB-Alliance Shadowsong-GB-Horde
Shattered halls-GB-Alliance Shattered halls-GB-Horde Shattered Hand-GB-Alliance
Shattered Hand-GB-Horde Shattrath-DE-Alliance Shattrath-DE-Horde
Silvermoon-GB-Alliance Silvermoon-GB-Horde Sinstralis-FR-Alliance
Sinstralis-FR-Horde Skullcrusher-GB-Alliance Skullcrusher-GB-Horde
Spinebreaker-GB-Alliance Spinebreaker-GB-Horde Sporeggar-GB-Alliance
Sporeggar-GB-Horde Steamwheedle Cartel-GB-Alliance Steamwheedle Cartel-GB-Horde
Stormrage-GB-Alliance Stormrage-GB-Horde Stormreaver-GB-Alliance
Stormreaver-GB-Horde Stormscale-GB-Alliance Stormscale-GB-Horde
Sunstrider-GB-Alliance Sunstrider-GB-Horde Suramar-FR-Alliance
Suramar-FR-Horde Sylvanas-GB-Alliance Sylvanas-GB-Horde

Taerar-DE-Alliance Taerar-DE-Horde Talnivarr-GB-Alliance
Talnivarr-GB-Horde Tarren Mill-GB-Alliance Tarren Mill-GB-Horde
Teldrassil-DE-Alliance Teldrassil-DE-Horde Temple noir-FR-Alliance
Temple noir-FR-Horde Terenas-GB-Alliance Terenas-GB-Horde
Terokkar-GB-Alliance Terokkar-GB-Horde Terrodar-DE-Alliance
Terrodar-DE-Horde The Maelstrom-GB-Alliance The Maelstrom-GB-Horde
The venture Co.-GB-Alliance The venture Co.-GB-Horde Theradras-DE-Alliance
Theradras-DE-Horde Thrall-DE-Alliance Thrall-DE-Horde
Thunderhorn-GB-Alliance Thunderhorn-GB-Horde Tichondrius-DE-Alliance
Tichondrius-DE-Horde Tirion-DE-Alliance Tirion-DE-Horde
Todeswache-DE-Alliance Todeswache-DE-Horde Trollbane-GB-Alliance
Trollbane-GB-Horde Turalyon-GB-Alliance Turalyon-GB-Horde
Twisting Nether-GB-Alliance Twisting Nether-GB-Horde Tyrande-FR-Alliance

Uldaman-FR-Alliance Uldaman-FR-Horde Ulduar-DE-Alliance
Ulduar-DE-Horde Uldum-SP-Alliance Uldum-SP-Horde

Varimathras-FR-Alliance Varimathras-FR-Horde Vashj-GB-Alliance

Warsong-GB-Alliance Warsong-GB-Horde Well of Eternity-IT-Alliance
Well of Eternity-IT-Horde Wildhammer-GB-Alliance Wildhammer-GB-Horde
Wrathbringer-DE-Alliance Wrathbringer-DE-Horde

Xavius-GB-Alliance Xavius-GB-Horde

Ysera-DE-Alliance Ysera-DE-Horde Ysondre-FR-Alliance

Zenedar-GB-Alliance Zenedar-GB-Horde Zirkel des Cenarius-DE-Alliance
Zirkel des Cenarius-DE-Horde Zuluhed-DE-Alliance Zuluhed-DE-Horde

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